Terms and Conditions

Honeybee Packages are + or – 3lb average weight, with an unmarked, young, mated, hygienic Italian queen.  There will be dead bees in the package, this is normal.

Queen Bee, purchased separately, is a unmarked, young, mated, hygienic Italian Queen and is shipped to your door via UPS Next Day Air.

All shipment orders are F.O.B.  Your shipment has been insured with USPS or UPS and is included in the shipping cost. If there is a bee loss, in your shipment, it is the responsibility of the customer to file a claim immediately with the carrier. Please save your Postage label to assist in filing a claim online.

By placing your order online or by phone, you certify that the name and address is correct. Any errors typed in the order are the responsibility of the customer. Bees for Sale Apiary will not be liable for typos in the online ordering process. Any errors must be reported within 48 hours to ensure your bees reach their proper destination.

You will be emailed a shipping tracking number the day the shipment is made.

In rare circumstances, dates will be changed due to unforeseen weather conditions.   If this occurs, we will contact you via email or phone. Please make sure the information you give us is the best way to contact you!

Bees shipped via USPS will be Hold For Pick Up only, at your local Post Office. The Post Office will call you to let you know they have arrived and provide instructions on how to pick up your bees at the Post Office.

For either delivery method please check your bees before accepting the package and do not accept them if they are in bad condition more than 1” of dead bees on the bottom.

If your package arrives damaged or with more than 1” of dead bees on the bottom or if the queen is dead – then it is your responsibility to file a claim with the United States Post Office.
Please save your Postage confirmation and postage meter sticker to assist the Postmaster with filing a claim. USPS or UPS claims must be filed online by following this link: https://www.usps.com/help/claims.htm.
The customer should take pictures of the loss, to help substantiate the claim with the USPS. Additionally, the USPS should scan the package as “damaged in shipment”.

Each party agrees with these terms and conditions of sale. If the customer does not agree with the terms and conditions, the party must notify the other party 48 hours of the order date.  Bee order refunds will not be issued after February 1, 2024. After February 1, 2024, all bee order sales become final.